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Welcome to GreyMatter. We work with senior managers to implement new ideas, improve productivity, and increase profit. We provide business support for strategy, innovation and people management - key areas that drive performance.

GreyMatter, and our sister company, Consultants Online, will help your senior management team focus on the future of the company, rather than the here and now. We will help you achieve your vision for the company and the steps needed to achieve your goals.

If you want to bring an innovative culture to your organisation, GreyMatter helps you think ... about Strategy, People, Operations, Marketing and Finance .... all of the functions that lead to better performance.

Follow the links below for some examples of the tools and techniques that can help your business grow:

Vision and Values

Business Plan Template

Investors in People

Pick the Best Team

Cost, Time, Scope in Project Management

Get More of the Right Customers

Profit & Loss


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We provide a confidential 1 to 1 business coaching service. We get your business unstuck and get it going. Use our simple, proven business tools and techniques to improve performance and profit. We’ll help you set objectives and check your progress.

What our customers say

We have a proven track record with both large and small businesses across all industry sectors. We measure our performance, and have helped increase clients sales by over £5 million; “If you run a business and you have not spoken with Mike to see how he and his company may be able to assist your company, then, put simply, you must be mad!
Mike Hatherall, Director, Green Sky IT Management

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