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LCR Capacitors

Business Planning and Strategy for Expansion

 Electronics Case Study

Name: LCR Capacitors Ltd

Sector: Electronic Engineering


Project Description

Consultants Online have over 20 years experience helping manufacturing organisations to develop their strategy for expansion. For established companies it is important to identify those capabilities that create competitive advantage. Senior managers cannot provide resources to support every idea to grow the business - so attention must be focused on those competencies that develop key areas of expertise and are distictive to that company.

These areas are where the most value is added to products, for example, at LCR it's the design of the electronic components and circuits.

Consultants Online’s experience in facilitating strategy development and identifying new markets for expansion helped to identify the skills that enabled the business to deliver a fundmentl customer benefit in export markets.

A six month plan was agreed which included:

  • Identify funding available for entry into export markets.
  • Use government funding for refurbishment and capital investment.
  • Review R&D projects and focus on winners
  • Learning and Development needs to access new markets
  • Update the marketing plan and promotional material.

Project Results: 

  • Full commitment of the senior management team to £1.5 million growth plan
  • Three marketing and promotion companies bidding to provide LCR with a new sales and promotion strategy
  • Grant funding from the local authority to support refurbishment and marketing expenditure.



“Consultants Online have really helped us to pull together a business plan and strategy for expansion – they have crossed the boundaries between grant aid and business support and led the way towards new markets and customers in Europe”


Jane Balz

Director, LCR Capacitors


Project Skills:

  • Identify Core Competencies of the company
  • Look at options available - SFA Analysis - Suitability, Feasibility, Acceptability
  • Develop a marketing plan including focus on overseas markets 
  • Use contacts in the industry to secure funding



Electronic Components

Tools and Techniques Used - Business Strategy / Marketing Plan

A good business plan should clearly define the market you are in and the benefits of your product or service to your customers. It describes why people should buy from you.

Markets, customers, products, sales and service, and the people you have on your team are the only considerations to decide your business strategy and future success. Take a look at how the external environment can affect your business before you start your plan.

You need to demonstrate a clear understanding of where your organisation is heading, how it's going to get there,and how people will know when the destination has been reached.

Give your people the opportunity to discuss and agree what the important activities will be and how they will be undertaken.

Set measurable performance objectives that cover advertising, publicity, sales enquiries, lead convertion,  social media and website marketing.

Although finance is a key aspect of your business, it’s only a means to an end and it cannot guide your growth strategy.



These are the areas we suggest you think about and discuss with your team:

1. What business are you in? -  Positioning Statement.

2. Potential new services – how you will develop the company

3. Unique Features of your business

4. Background to sales situation – progress so far

5. Influencing factors outside the business (that affect the whole industry)      Click here for a template.

6. Projected sales for the next 3 years – your best estimate

7. Evidence of demand – how do you know you can achieve your sales target?


8. Market segmentation – at least four different customer / product groups

9. Market trends – what factors a re affecting your industry

10. Opportunity for growth – both short-term and long-term.




We provide a confidential 1 to 1 business coaching service. We get your business unstuck and get it going. Use our simple, proven business tools and techniques to improve performance and profit. We’ll help you set objectives and check your progress.

What our customers say

We have a proven track record with both large and small businesses across all industry sectors. We measure our performance, and have helped increase clients sales by over £5 million; “If you run a business and you have not spoken with Mike to see how he and his company may be able to assist your company, then, put simply, you must be mad!
Mike Hatherall, Director, Green Sky IT Management

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