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Community Association Case Study

Marketing and Promotion Strategy

 Community Association

Name:  Gilfach Goch Community Association Ltd.

Sector:  Social Enterprise


Project Description

GGCA required assistance with their marketing and promotion strategy.


GreyMatter provided the industry and commercial expertise to help GGCA develop a structured marketing plan that made optimum use of the resources and funding available.


A structured plan was discussed which included:


  • Developing GGCA’s vision and objectives
  • Identifying the appropriate strategy to move forward.
  • Analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for the project.

Project Results: 

  • Targets set were clear and precise, they were SMART;  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely
  • Creation of sustainable wealth for Gilfach Gogh and  social benefit for its community.



"The help from Mike is useful because a structured marketing plan will allow us to inform all members of Gilfach Goch and the surrounding area of the services and activities provided by Gilfach Goch Community Association in order to increase community participation."

Michaela Thomas

Communities First Development Officer


Project Skills:

  • Empathy for non-profit making organisations (different drivers)
  • Application of commercial models to a social enterprise
  • P&L Financial planning



Community Association

Tools and Techniques Used - Business Strategy / Marketing Plan

Markets, customers, products, sales and service, and the people you have on your team are the only considerations to decide your business strategy and future success. Take a look at how the external environment can affect your business before you start your plan.

Give your people the opportunity to discuss and agree what the important activities will be and how they will be undertaken.

Set measurable performance objectives that cover advertising, publicity, sales enquiries, lead convertion,  social media and website marketing.

Although finance is a key aspect of your business, it’s only a means to an end and it cannot guide your growth strategy.

These are the areas we suggest you think about and discuss with your team:

1. What business are you in? -  Positioning Statement.

2. Potential new services – how you will develop the company

3. Unique Features of your business

4. Background to sales situation – progress so far

5. Influencing factors outside the business (that affect the whole industry)      Click here for a template.

6. Projected sales for the next 3 years – your best estimate

7. Evidence of demand – how do you know you can achieve your sales target?

8. Market segmentation – at least four different customer / product groups

9. Market trends – what factors a re affecting your industry

10. Opportunity for growth – both short-term and long-term.




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